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Planning process

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Planning process

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Who We Are

Project Research and Consultancy (PRC) Enterprise is a Development & Engineering Consultancy Firm established in 2021 and specializes in high-end Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services and provides all types of surveying, mapping, planning and design solutions.

We offer a full range of services with unparalleled competence in topographic surveying, aerial surveying, geographic information systems, remote sensing, GPR machine surveying, physical underground surveying, social field surveying, database creation and management, training session, and post evaluation as well as land-use, drainage, sanitation, road master plans and land acquisition plans.

PRC is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions and products that make use of the latest technology. We prioritize personal service and the completion of work on schedule. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with skills and certifications in GIS, geology, environment, geography, planning, and computing, as well as remote sensing. Our team is here to help quality control and provide our clients with continuous geodesy, mapping, ArcGIS 2D, and 3D geospatial assistance.

Service We Offer

Urban Planning and Design Solution

We strive to go above and beyond customer expectations on every project, and we have a lengthy and successful track record of delivering urban planning projects for both the public and private sectors.

Total Station survey

The total station is a transit integrated with an EDM, electronic distance meter, which can read slope distances from the instrument to a particular point of land. We provide high-performance Total Station Surveying solutions to maximize productivity today while offering scalability to adapt to future challenges and opportunities.

GPR Machine Survey

The goal of GPR is to make digging on a worksite safer and more economical. In order to prevent assets from unintentionally being impacted throughout the project, technology aids in locating them.

Traditional Field Survey

We provide you the best range of Social Field Survey Services, Commercial Survey services, and Social Services with effective & timely delivery.

UVA Survey

With the use of photogrammetry, precise 2D and 3D maps can be produced by fusing images taken from various angles. A drone survey involves taking several pictures of the ground from various perspectives. LIDAR payloads and RGB or multispectral cameras are both used in photogrammetry.

GIS and Remote Sensing

Our GIS professionals combine orthorectified satellite imagery, extracted vector data, and client-supplied geographic data to create single, GIS data-rich maps for a variety of applications. Our GIS mapping services' experience and accuracy eliminate nearly all potential difficulties related to GIS maps.

Our clients